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AdMarkTech provides services to help companies make better use of their advertising budgets by integrating data, tech, and content.

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Few Benefits of Ad.Mark.Tech

Marketing automation

Running multiple campaigns comes with a lot of manual workload. We help you to automate this workload so your campaigns always run based on your defined rules.

Process Automation

We write code to automate your business workflow, and reduce human errors. This streamline your processes and simplify business operations.

Auto Invoice Management

Track your conversion payouts, generate invoices, add them into your accounting software, notify clients and get paid on time.

One Click - Bulk Updation

Changing the offers manually on every landing page? We help to dynamically change offer links on every landing page and inside the campaigns with simple one click automation.

Campaign Management System

Want to manage your campaign right from the project management tool (Like Excel Spreadsheet,,Aasna, Click Up, Trello, etc.). We are here to help you do that. Run your business with task management software to manage your campaigns & teams.

Content Management System

Automate your lander generation, campaign creation, flow setup, offer upload & many more things. Inside your own custom designed CMS.

Our Favorite Platforms

AdMarkTech offers a scalable management solution with Ad Server, Ad Exchange, Accounting, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System integrations for the likes of Integromate, Voluum, Spreadsheets, and QuickBooks. This enables you to manage your key advertising data in one secure location.

"Proffesionals and Quality Work!"

"All you guys are awesome! Thanks for always helping us. Always very professional and friendly.
Dylan Martin
CEO - S3 Enterprises

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